Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Man about town

Several weeks ago fellow blogger D.U.P. suggested I change the name of my blog to 'Man about Town." Given that I didn't really have a name for it at all to begin with (I'd named it after myself, which is pretty lame, really, although in my defense this blog was originally only ever intended as a repository for my journalism, in order to prolong its shelf-life) I can't quite remember why I changed it to 'Watts with Words' a couple of months ago, but that's besides the point.

D.U.P.'s suggestion has stuck with me. It's resonated.

So much so that a couple of minutes ago I changed the name of my blog. I like the new name. It already feels comfortable, it reflects who I am and what I get up to - not just my work but my infatuation with pleasure and entertainment.

Yes, I'm a hedonist, a decadent sybarite, a hopeless homosexualist who's addicted to cultural pursuits. Guilty as charged!


Steven said...

I like it. Well done you. And well done D.U.P.

richardwatts said...

Thanks, Steven.

Tim Norton said...

Oh, and tag!

Anonymous said...

its a perfect match!

now lets see what we can do with with all this green!! ;-)

davethescot said...

Very good indeed sir, how very very apt.

Bonnie Conquest said...

I never got why you changes it to Watts With? I was like, what's with that?
Man About is an improvement. Yay.